Wrongful Death

You need a experienced, aggressive personal injury lawyer on your side!

James Mahfood has been representing families in wrongful death actions for 22 years. He understands how difficult these types of lawsuits can be for grieving family members. The loss of a loved one is always painful, but when your loved one is killed as the result of another’s negligent or intentional acts, it can be unbearable.

James offers a free initial consultation, and handles wrongful death cases with the utmost sensitivity. If we don’t obtain a settlement or money judgment for you, we don’t receive a fee.

Ina wrongful death cause of action, the plaintiffs usually seek damages for their loved one’s future earnings based on the financial support that the family has lost. Also damages for the loss of love and companionship, the actual expenses in the form of medical fees and funeral costs, as well as for emotional distress and pain and suffering can be rewarded.

California State Law imposes a limitation on the time that you have to sue another party under a personal injury claim!

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