Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss Your Will With Your Family

Creating a will is extremely important, as it designates exactly where your assets will go and who will manage them upon your death. Regardless of your current age or health, creating a will is something that everyone should do when they have a chance. However, putting together your will can result in some difficult conversations with your loved ones. After all, no one wants to think about death, and on top of that, the division of assets in a will can cause tension between even the most loving and close-knit of families. Here are some tips to help you talk about your will with your family in a way that is positive and effective. Stay positive and proactive. When broaching the topic of a will, it is common for many people to try and change the subject, particularly those who are very close to you, such as your spouse, your children, your siblings, or your parents. When discussing your decision to write a will, don’t start off the conversation too seriously. Take a casual tone, and explain to everyone that you [...]

How to Choose An Executor For Your Will

Choosing an executor for your will can be a very difficult decision. An executor is someone who notifies beneficiaries of the will and works with lawyers and other professionals to distribute your property and take care of any other issues in the event of your death. You want to make sure that whoever you choose will ensure that your wishes are carried out, and will be able to do so in a respectful manner. There are likely many people in your life who you would consider for this position, but here’s how to narrow it down and make a final decision. Who will stay calm in the face of tragedy? This is hugely important. You want to make sure that whoever you pick is someone who handles stress well and will be able to carry out their duties even during a difficult time. You likely can rule out certain family members and friends with this consideration, as many people have more emotional tendencies. If you have observed someone close to you stay calm in a similar situation, that is likely a [...]

What to Do Right After An Auto Accident

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, there are several steps that you should take right away. You may want to file a personal injury claim in the future, and there are steps that you should take to prepare for that. Regardless of whether or not you end up filing the claim, it is helpful to have this information and be prepared just in case something happens. Here are the steps you should take directly after being injured in an automobile accident. – Right after you get in the accident, move the car away from the road and call the police right away. You also may want to contact your insurance company, depending on the level of damage to your car. However, limit your discussion of the accident with the police and the other party to just the facts, and do not place blame or implicate yourself at this time. – Take care of your health. Before you can even think about how you are going to manage a personal injury suit, you’ll want to go to the hospital [...]

Everything You Need to Know About Product Recalls

There have been many cases over the past several decades where citizens have filed personal injury lawsuits against companies because of their products. This often happens when a product caused serious physical harm to the user, even when it was being used properly. There are also many cases where companies will recall products to avoid personal injury lawsuits if they find a potentially dangerous problem with the item after it has been released to the public. These recalls can sometimes be confusing, so here’s everything you need to know about them and how you can stay on top of them. There are two ways that the product recall process can start. They both go through the Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC. The first is if the company notices a problem with the product and contacts the CPSC to issue a recall. They may also put out an unofficial notice warning customers of this problem and encouraging them to stop using the product, and then later will officially contact customers to notify them. Generally, product recalls get approved much more [...]

How to Stay Safe on The Road and Avoid Personal Injury Suits

Every year, thousands of people experience road accidents that lead to personal injury lawsuits. Whether you are the victim of an accident or you are the one getting charges filed against them, accidents cost everyone money and can be extremely stressful, in addition to potentially causing permanent physical and mental damage to everyone involved. One of the best ways to prevent these things from happening is to be vigilant and stay safer while you are out on the road. Here are some tips you should always consider when you head out for a drive, bike ride, walk, etc. Never head out while you are under the influence. If you’ve been drinking, smoking, or even taking prescription drugs like sleeping pills or pain relievers, then you shouldn’t be stepping out in a car or on a bike. If you are drinking at a friend’s house, stay there until you are sober enough to drive yourself home safely, or recruit a friend who is sober to drive you home. You can also consider calling a cab or using an app like Uber or [...]

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